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Weigh of Life

“Weigh of Life” is a 12-week weight-management and healthy lifestyle program.

Each session features an interactive lesson, food diary review, a weigh-in, and an opportunity to ask and receive feedback and coaching from a supportive instructor. The course includes a wide range of topics aimed at helping participants succeed in making a lasting lifestyle change.

During the 12-week program, participants will learn, among other topics: Steps to successful weight management; What fad diets are and why they don’t work; How to manage portions and read nutrition labels; Tools to overcome obstacles; The connection between food and mood; The power of positive thinking; How to control your weight without being hungry; Healthy ways to boost physical activity; The benefits of vegetarian proteins; How to eat healthy without breaking the bank; Tips to dine out sensibly; Smartly navigate the grocery store; Ways to maintain motivation and set reasonable goals.

Check out our calendar for our next Weigh of Life class. Interested participants may register online or by email to once a class has been scheduled. Call 315-493-1000 and ask for the Nutrition Department to learn more.

Course registration is $60, or $5 per class — less than the cost of a typical meal at a fast-food restaurant. Some insurance providers cover weight-loss programs; contact them for details about policy benefits. The course fee is due in full at the first class meeting.

Carthage Area Hospital’s Nutrition Services Team

Carthage Hospital’s team of Registered Dietitians guide patients in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They offer a personalized approach to meet individual nutrition needs and create eating plans that are easy to follow and monitor.

The hospital’s dietitians are food and nutrition experts who provide medical nutrition therapy and nutrition education for a wide range of medical conditions, including: diabetes, weight management, obesity, eating disorders, food allergies and nutritional support among others.

Registered Dietitians are available to meet patients at the hospital’s main campus, 1001 West St., as well as in outpatient clinics by appointment. Call 315-493-1000, ext.5468, 5470 or 5589 to schedule an appointment.