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School Based Health Care

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Three school based health clinics through Carthage Area Hospital are located in the Carthage Middle School, the Carthage High School and in the Beaver River School. Each of the school based health clinics is open and operational during regular school hours.
Each of our three clinics are staffed with a Licensed Practical Nurse and either a Physician, a Nurse Practitioner and/or a Physician Assistant. At both of the Carthage School locations, there is also Licensed Social Worker to provide behavioral health services. At Beaver River, referrals can be made through the clinic for appropriate behavioral health services.
Services offered at the clinics: all primary health care needs, immunizations, physicals (both sports and camp), allergy injections, and regular sick visits (parents may accompany their child at the clinic). Students can also receive over the counter medications such as Tylenol, TUMS, etc. Referrals for nutritional counseling are also available through each of the three clinics.
Students enrolled in the school based health clinic may receive any of these services at any time during the school day, without any payment. Insurances will be billed, when available, to help cover costs, but there is no out of pocket expenses.  Any lab or x-ray orders from the school based health centers, done at an outside facility are subject to a charge. A grant from New York State assists with the cost of this program.  Clinics are located inside the school’s nurse’s office.
Contact information for each of the School Based Health Clinics: 
Carthage Middle School – 315-493-5944
Carthage High School – 315-493-5080
Beaver River School – 315-346-3306
Program Director: Melanie Saber, LMSW; 315-519-6641
Preventing chronic diseases- improve child health and promote mental health and prevent substance abuse. Schools based health clinics located in the Carthage Middle School, the Carthage High School and in Beaver River School offer all primary health care needs, immunizations, physicals, allergy injections, regular sick visits as well as other services to enrolled students. Never any out of pocket expenses at these clinics for services offered.
For more information and/or to enroll your child please contact;
Carthage Middle School-493-5944, Carthage High School-493-5080, Beaver River School-346-3306

NEW THIS YEAR:  the SBHC this year is to increase utilization of the influenza vaccine. This year, the consent form has gone home as part of the enrollment packet, to ensure parents are receiving this form and can choose whether or not to have their child receive the flu vaccine via injection during the school day.