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Nebulizer Therapy

One of the most common types of respiratory conditions is asthma. Here at Carthage Area Hospital, we provide several different treatment options that can help to effectively treat asthma attacks, one of which is nebulizer therapy.

What is Nebulizer Therapy?

A nebulizer is a device that’s very similar to a metered-dose inhaler, which are pocket-sized devices that are commonly used by asthma patients. Nebulizers are a good alternative to metered-dose inhalers, especially for children who or for those who have severe asthma.

During an asthma attack, you won’t be able to take deep breaths because your airways will narrow. The mist created by a nebulizer is easier for patients to inhale, especially during a respiratory infection or an asthma attack, because they won’t need to take deep breaths to inhale the medicine properly.

How does Nebulizer Therapy Work?

Nebulizers are run either electrically or by a battery. The base contains an air compressor, a small container that’s filled with liquid medicine and a tube. The tube connects the container of medicine to the air compressor. To use the nebulizer, you use either a mouthpiece or a mask. When you push the air compressor down, the liquid medicine is turned into mist, which you then inhale.

There are several different ways that you can get nebulizer therapy. There are portable nebulizers that are like metered-dose inhalers and there are larger machines that must sit on a table and need to be plugged in.

Nebulizers act as both long-term treatments to prevent acute attacks as well as short-acting treatment for asthma attacks. This means that you can be prescribed a nebulizer, or you can be administered nebulizer therapy at our Carthage Area Hospital if you are suffering from an asthma attack.

Using a Nebulizer

To use a prescribed nebulizer, you will need to take the following steps:

  • Place the compressor where it can safely reach an outlet if it’s not battery-operated.
  • Clean the components of the nebulizer if needed.
  • Use clean hands to place the medicine in the container. If it’s not pre-mixed, you’ll need to measure the proper amount before putting it in the container.
  • Connect the nebulizer’s tube to the compressor and to the liquid container.
  • Attach either the mouthpiece or the mask.
  • Turn the nebulizer on and then make sure that the medicine is misting properly.
  • Either put the mask around your nose and mouth or put the mouthpiece in your mouth and slowly breath in and out until the mist runs out. Keep the liquid container upright as you do this.

It should take no longer than 15 minutes, whether at home or in the hospital. For more information about our nebulizer therapy services, contact us at Carthage Area Hospital today.