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Visitation Guidelines

To: All Patients and Visitors

It is the policy of Carthage Area Hospital (CAH) to maintain a 100% tobacco free environment to include all facilities or buildings that are the property of or leased by CAH.  There will be no tobacco use in any personal vehicles, in parking lots, roadways or drives on CAH property.  This policy fosters a healthy workforce and reinforces healthcare commitment to provide a healthy environment for our patients, visitors, employees, medical staff, volunteers, students, instructors, contractors and sub-concentrators.

Tobacco products include but are not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipe smoking and chewing tobacco.

This policy applies to all patients, visitors, employees, medical staff, students, instructors, volunteers, contractors, sub-contractors, vendors and non-Carthage Area Hospital employees assigned to either temporary or permanent positions on property owned, leased or operated by Carthage Area Hospital.

We look forward to your visit on our Smoke Free Campus.

“Show You Care, Clear the Air”

Smoke Free Campus Committee


For more information, please download our patient information guides below:

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Patient Information Guide