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Please note that a conviction of a crime is not an automatic bar to employment. (All circumstances will be considered.)


Carthage Area Hospital does not discriminate on the basis of handicap in admission or access to, or treatment of employment in, its programs and activities.  Any inquiries about the treatment or employment of handicapped persons should be made to: Carthage Area Hospital, Administrator.

Any offer of employment is expressly contingent upon successfully passing a physical examination.  If the examining physician determines that the applicant is unable to perform the job for which he/she may be hired, the offer will not be extended.

As a condition of employment at Carthage Area Hospital, each new employee must successfully complete the applicable probationary period.  During this period, the new employee will be evaluated on attendance, punctuality, work habits, and attitude.  If, in the opinion of the employee's supervisor, the new employee does not perform satisfactorily in any of the aforementioned areas, his/her employment will be terminated.

I have read the above statement and accept the applicable probationary period as a condition of employment.

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I hereby agree, as a condition of my employment, to wear personal safety protection and use only safety equipment as required by Carthage Area Hospital in the performance of my job and abide by all safety and Hospital rules and regulations.  Also, I hereby agree, as a condition of employment, that all information given on this application is correct and completed by me.  I understand that if I have furnished false information, I may be discharged.  I also authorize my previous employers to give you information about my past record.